Land Haus Antiques was created out of the love for historic furniture and the passion for bringing these treasures back to life. From this, a quaint little antique shop was born in the midst of the Canadian Prairies. 

The face behind Land Haus Antiques is Christine Raupers. It was her dream to open her own little antique shop with the pieces she has found on her travels or brought to her from dear friends. Thanks to the love and support from her family she was finally brave enough to make it happen. Christine puts in countless hours refinishing furniture and her impeccable eye for interior design helps her in setting up the beautifully crafted displays you’ll see at Land Haus Antiques.

Alongside Christine you will find her daughter-in-law, Jessica Raupers, snapping photos of each display that is set up. While she shares the same love of refinishing furniture her primary role is marketing and graphic design. Jessica studied Web Design at Assiniboine Community College and puts her skills to use by managing our online presence mainly through our website and social media.

The Raupers’ German heritage is what inspired the name of our little business. Land Haus is a German term that simply translated means ‘Country House.’ There is also a Land Haus Style, which differs from a Country Style, that Christine pulls inspiration from.

The Land Haus Style is very popular in Northern European countries. It shows a combination of light and darker, well loved, worn out, yet clean looking furniture. Upholstered pieces are often wrapped in linen slip covers and kept within that clean but comfy look. To elevate the overall ambiance and add a finer touch, Christine loves to introduce chandeliers, large candelabras, silverware and white ironstone dishes to the rooms she designs. 

We are excited to bring this Land Haus Style to a little Country House in Manitoba. The goal is to offer a place to enjoy beautiful furniture arranged in lovely displays in hopes that you will find a treasure to add to your own collection. Besides the furniture you will also discover an assortment of white ironstone dishes that complete the natural, cheerful, Land Haus look.

We welcome you to come visit and look through our little shop. We are currently open on Fridays from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM and Saturdays 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. If you are passing through on a different day and would like to set up a time to stop in please call Christine at 204.867.0466 to set up an appointment. She would love to meet you at The Land Haus.