It has been a while

2020 is already a month old, we are writing February 1st and it definitely has been a long while since I have posted here on my website.

Sorry for that and I thrive to do better this year.

The Land Haus is laying in it’s winter slumber and with the new year progressing, I am finally getting out of my hibernation mode and feel like creating again.

What is more uplifting than bringing fresh flowers home and arranging them in treasured vases, containers or bowels.

You all know by now how much I love my ironstone, especially coffee pots, sugar jars and soup terrines! Now how much fun could it be to arrange my flowers right in one.

I personally try to avoid floral foam but love antique flower frogs to give the flowers a base to hold onto.

If I use larger containers with a wide opening, like in this case an antique soup terrine, a grid of scotch tape taped right to the rim of the terrine works excellent.

To me the infinite spring flowers are hyacinths. I love their scent and the dynamic they bring to an arrangement. They will still grow in your vase and slowly open up more and more.

I paired them with my all time favourite, white hydrangeas. Add a bit of green and you are set.

The scotch tape grit on the container provides hold for your floral and you can easily arrange it stem by stem.

Not quite following the florist rule of starting with my greenery, I like to put in the flower that takes up the most space first, in this case the hydrangea, followed by the greenery and finished off with the remaining flowers, here the hyacinth.

Hopefully I could inspire you to have fun with the arranging of flowers yourself.

And always remember, creativity knows no boundaries 💓

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