For Sale: Harvest Vanity

The luck of the hunt is to find an outstanding piece like this vanity.

With it’s beautifully shaped base and the stunningly tall and ornate mirror it truly is an amazing piece of furniture.

I refinished it in layers of Shutter Green, Pure White and Robin’s Egg Blue. The play of the colours on the embellishments of the vanity are just beautiful. Especially stunning is the detailed bouquet of wheat crowning the mirror.

The vanity is 50 inches wide, 20 inches deep and with it’s large mirror it stands 73 inches tall.

It is priced at $295.

🏡Land Haus Antiques🏡 is open

Fridays from noon to 5pm and

Saturdays 10am to 5pm or

for an appointment please

call (204)867-0466

or (204)849-2235

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