The Land Haus Make-Over

Before Land Haus Antiques found it’s home in the ‘Land Haus 🏠’, we concentrated on overhauling the inside of the building. With lots of elbow grease, paint and imagination it became a cozy space within a bit of a rough shell.

Now this summer we rolled up the sleeves again and tackled the outside of the Land Haus.

Well, you know how it is with an old lady of a house. Besides the pure beautification work, there is a sudden leak here and a little hole there and all of a sudden the project has become bigger than anticipated.

Nevertheless we had lots of fun, incorporated wonderful treasures given to us or found along the way. Ideas came, were realized or discarded and thanks to many helpers and an awesome team of carpenters the Land Haus 🏠 now looks cheerful and inviting.

Come and join us for ‘Pie on the Porch’ on Thanksgiving Saturday and see for yourself.

Land Haus Antiques will be open on Friday from noon until 5 pm and on Saturday from 10am until 5 pm.

Attached you find a few ‘ Before and After’ pictures.

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