Charleston & Harlow Candle Co.

We couldn’t be more excited and proud to be a new retailer for the Charleston & Harlow Candle Company.


These candles are amazing, not only are they locally made but they are a great and healthy product. I know what you’re thinking, how can a candle be healthy? Well, Charleston & Harlow doesn’t add any chemicals, stabilizers, additives or UV inhibitors to their candles and the wax is a Canadian-grown 100% pure soy wax. So when you are burning these candles you don’t have to worry about inhaling anything unnatural. Plus the wicks are made of North American softwood, meaning they burn cleaner, hotter, smarter and better than the fabric wicks that you are probably used to in traditional candles.

We are also huge fans of how eco-friendly this company is. Charleston & Harlow use recyclable packing and they reuse packaging materials whenever possible.


Beyond being a sustainable company that uses only the best ingredients for their candles we haven’t even got to the best part yet. They smell AMAZING! Our absolute favourite scent is Moscato Mondays.

You will often find us burning Moscato Mondays at the Land Haus – it’s one of our favourites!

Here are the scents that we currently have in stock:

Signature Scents Collection
Spring ’17 Collection

It’s also worth mentioning that every candle is made entirely by hand. So be sure swing by the Land Haus soon to smell these exceptional candles for yourself. The quality speaks for itself!


*** Information taken from Charleston & Harlow Candle Co. website to create content for this post.***


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