Bed Frame Chair

I know the last thing on everyone’s mind in Manitoba right now is Winter but I just have to share this exciting project with you!

Sometimes along my travels I find pieces that are perhaps beyond repair or aren’t in the right state to carry out their original use. These treasures have encouraged me to breathe new life into them by finding a new use for them.

This winter I found an old bed frame that was in no condition to house a mattress anymore. However, I had an idea!

Why not turn this gorgeous frame into a pair of chairs?

This is where my husband and son’s manufacturing company, Cardale Tech Corp., really came in handy!

With the help of Cardale Tech Corp. I was able to turn my vision into a reality.


This project was really fun to work on and I’m looking forward to partnering with Cardale Tech Corp. again in the future to create more unique pieces for the Land Haus.


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